Ayane Kurai

1969 Born in Ashiya City, Hyogo, Japan

1988 Entered the department of paintings, College of Art and Design,
Musashino Art University in Tokyo

1990 Began living and working in New York City

Recent Exhibitions

2006-2019 Bushwick Open Studio, Brooklyn, NY

2019 Musashino Consortium 2019, Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, NY

2018 SJAC 2018, Gallery Max, New York, NY

2018 Small Voyage by Ayane Kurai, CRS Gallery, New York, NY

2018 Musashino Consortium 2018, Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, NY

2017 Pink Ribbon Project, Tree Haus Mima, New York, NY

2017 SJAC NY, Gallery Max, New York, New York, NY

2016 Musabi Ten, Gallery Max, New York, New York, NY

2015 Musabi Ten, Gallery MC, New York, NY 

2014 Purple Yam Restaurant - Stirring The Madd Brick, Brooklyn, NY

2012 La Mama International, New York
2012 GO Brooklyn, A Community curated open studio project, Brooklyn, NY
2012 Musabi Ten, Musashino Art University Alumni Association, RESOBOX, LIC, NY

2010 Yuko's Spring Has Come, CRS Gallery, New York

2006 Gallery IDF, Nagoya

2005 Tsubaki Modern Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2003 Museo de Arte Moderna, “Ayane Kurai and Garance Show”, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil 

2002 Gallery IDF, Nagoya
2002 Tsubaki Modern Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo

1996 Tsubaki Modern Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo

1995 SKYDOOR Gallery, Aoyama, Tokyo

1993 Laporte Hall, “Ayane Kurai: Contemporary Paintings at Laporte 7th Anniversary Music and Art Festival”", Ashiya City, Hyogo
1993 Tsubaki Modern Gallery, Shinjuku, Tokyo

1991 Soho Art House, “Rod Norman and Ayane Kurai” Joint Show, New York City

plus other group shows



2015 Art Olympia in Tokyo, First-round Winner Award

1999 The Joan MItchel Foundation Grand Award, New York